Welcome to the Flight Training School (FTS) Aviation Safety Management System (ASMS) Portal

It is an RAAus requirement that all Flight Training Schools implement a means of monitoring and reviewing aviation safety practices through a system of safety. This can include an existing safety management system, a CASA approved Safety Management System, or the RAAus FTS Aviation Safety Manual and its associated documentation.

RAAus FTSs are required to have fully implemented a system of safety by 31 May 2020. This includes consultation with the RAAus safety team to ensure the process is understood and relevant to the size and scale of the FTS operations.

In order to simplify the ASMS documentation, RAAus has put all required documentation templates into one simple document which must be updated by flight training schools - This can be downloaded from step 2 below. Any FTS who has already submitted ASMS documentation should review the full documentation and complete any sections which have not already been completed and sent to RAAus.

ASMS documentation should be submitted to RAAus by 31 MAY 2020.


All FTSs must nominate a safety coordinator for their school, and determine their tier using the image below:


- If your school has an existing ASMS
Please email a copy of your ASMS documentation to safety@raaus.com.au including your FTS tier and safety coordinator.

- If you are a Tier 1 or Tier 2 school
Please CLICK HERE to download the full template document. 

Update sections in blue and on completion email a copy of your completed documentation to safety@raaus.com.au

- If you are a Tier 3 school

Please CLICK HERE to download the full Tier 3 template document. 

Update sections in blue and on completion email a copy of your completed documentation to safety@raaus.com.au


If you have any issues with ASMS implementation, email safety@raa.asn.au OR phone 02 6280 4700 to speak to an RAAus staff member who will be happy to assist you.

If you have any issues please review the below how-to guide which outlines the requirements of the ASMS. This documentation is based on the files available for download from the CFI portal.

FTS Safety Manual Template How-To Guide.pdf [PDF Document, 129.45 KB]