Sport Pilot


In August 2020, SportPilot Magazine hit the mailboxes of flight schools, clubs and over 10,000 subscribers for the first time following a year-long hiatus.

Recreational Aviation Australia had appointed Pace to develop and deliver SportPilot. We saw that the existing SportPilot was great, but we knew there were ways to make it even better. We revamped the look and feel of the magazine and introduced topics and articles that the readers have let RAAus know they want to see.

"Worthy of starting a new area in the bookshelf" 

- August 2020 SportPilot Member Comment

As we produce each edition of SportPilot, we continue to write the stories that pilots, owners and aviation
enthusiasts want to read; stories about the people who fly, the planes we fly and the places they can take us.

If you’re into aviation, you'll love SportPilot Magazine.


SportPilot Magazine is produced and delivered three times each year to one of the largest groups
of active aviation enthusiasts in Australia.

SportPilot is delivered to the mailboxes of every RAAus member, as well as affiliated flight schools
and aero clubs. Our readership base is over 10,000 strong, consisting of individuals with a wide range
of aviation-related interests. From state-of-the-art factory-built light aircraft to homebuilt ultralights,
weight-shift trikes and powered parachutes, SportPilot covers it all.

Each printed edition is also delivered digitally, with almost 20,000 digital copies delivered. We also
produce and distribute a lot of other digital material in-between printed editions, such as additional
"digital only" stories, social media content and Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing. We believe
this mix of digital and print is right for today’s market.

We have created marketing opportunity packages for our website, social and email platforms. See the
attached digital opportunities guide for great ways to leverage this new activity.
For advertisers and marketers, our mix of physical and digital content allows you to stretch your
marketing dollars further. With a five-fold increase in printed copies (the old SportPilot was delivered
to roughly 1,500 members monthly), just three editions a year means that you will spend less than
if you advertised in all issues of the old magazine – and you’ll reach at least 80% more people.
Take some of that leftover budget and apply it to our digital offering and you have a winning mix of
frequency and reach to convert customers.



SportPilot Magazine features articles on new aircraft, used aircraft, engines and components,
electronics, services, software and support, along with features of safety, great flying destinations and stories that cover sports aviation from the simplest to the most complex types.

We also produce a thriving Classifieds section, along with important information about RAAus and all aviation news. SportPilot Magazine is an invaluable resource for every pilot and aviation enthusiast.


"Covers interest, information and personal stories that keep me interested to the end" 

- August 2020 SportPilot Member Comment