Flight Training Schools

With over 160 schools across Australia, there is sure to be a school near you. We have schools operating out of major airports such as;

  • Moorabin, VIC
  • Bankstown, NSW
  • Archerfield, QLD

We also offer schools in a range of regional airports and in very remote locations, we have schools located on private airfields.

Each of our schools is overseen by a qualified and experienced Chief Flying Instructor (CFI). Our CFI's are often supported by Senior Instructors (SI) who are similarly skilled and able to provide with the highest standard of training.

To ensure a consistent and safe experience, each of our schools is subject to a vigorous audit and are overseen by senior staff within Recreational Aviation Australia. Our schools operate a variety of aircraft, which are also required to undergo a rigourous maintenance program to ensure reliability and safety for all our members.