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Not sure where to start on your journey to becoming
an RAAus pilot?

Our 30 day free membership
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You'll be able to visit your
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three flights plus you'll also
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training courses.

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Full membership gives you
the ability to fly with
Recreational Aviation Australia,
whether you are a student pilot
or an existing pilot transferring
to RAAus.

  • Access to member only programs
  • Access to unique scholarship opportunities
  • Access to digital magazine and E-News
  • Your own dedicated member portal
  • Vibrant and active social media network
  • A stepping stone for a career in aviation
  • Access to a variety of insurance policies and
    coverage which 
    includes your passenger 
  • Discounted susbscription to
    Sport Pilot magazine 
  • Access to the Members' Knowledge Base


Not flying with RAAus
but still wish to be a part
of our member benefits?
Are you a non-flying
aircraft maintainer?
A non-flying membership
is for you.


  • Representation 
    and advocacy to further aviation
  • Access to digital magazine and E-News
  • Access to unique scholarship opportunities
  • Discounted subscription to Sport Pilot magazine
  • Access to the Members' Knowledge Base

*Fees effective 1 July 2018