Application for Membership

1. Member Details

2. Residential Address

3. Postal Address Same As Residential Address?

4. Medical Declaration

Are you over 75 OR do you have any of the following conditions:

- Epilepsy
- Diabetes
- Heart condition/disease or paralysis
- Mental illness (medicated or otherwise)
- Any other medically significant safety related condition?

5. Additional Details

I hereby apply to join Recreational Aviation Australia and to be issued with a membership. I agree to abide by the Constitution of the Company (RAAus Ltd).
I certify that my health standard is equivalent to that required for the issue of a private motor vehicle driver's licence in Australia, and I am able to understand and carry out instructions given in the English language.
I have sought advice from an RAAus Examiner (Senior Instructor, Chief Flying Instructor or higher approval holder) about the prerequisites of becoming an RAAus flying/non-flying member and I understand the risk involved in undertaking recreational flying training (refer to the section 2.06 of the RAAus Operations Manual).
I certify that subject to the rules of RAAus there is no impediment to me holding any certificate if issued by RAAus. This application is made on the basis that there is no limitation, existing or threatened from any Authority in relation to any right I have to operate an aircraft in Australia. Should that occur I accept that any licence, certificate or authority granted to me by RAAus shall automatically be equally limited until the action noted above is resolved.

Should you be unable to tick this box RAAus will accept your membership application however you may not be eligible to exercise some or all of the flying privileges as a Pilot Certificate holder with RAAus. Should you believe that despite not being able to tick this box that you may still be suitable for RAAus membership then you may submit a “request for consideration of exceptional circumstances” to the CEO In this application you should provide full disclosure of any aviation related historic, current or pending investigations and any associated outcomes and any other relevant information that you deem appropriate to support your request for consideration. The CEO and Board will review the application in accordance with the RAAus Membership Eligibility policy, the RAAus Constitution and associated Member’s Charter. Individuals who choose to tick this box despite being ineligible for flying privileges will have their membership accepted but may not conduct any flying until assessed by the RAAus Board and CEO.

I acknowledge that membership fees are non-refundable.

6. Payment

I understand that online transactions incur fees. I wish to help further by giving a little extra ($1.50).


RAAus may from time to time share your information with third parties for legitimate reasons in accordance with our Privacy Policy.