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ArticleGYFTS Scholarships Now Open!

Posted 2 February 2016

Applications for the GYFTS Scholarship have now opened! Each year RAAus awards scholarships to a number of young aviators to support them in their pursuit of a career in aviation... ast round saw almost $50,000 awarded to 24 young aviators! More information and an application form can be found on our scholarships page.

ArticleGYFTS Scholarships now open to students past solo!

Posted 9 March 2016

Great News! We've secured a number of additional sponsors and now have a total of $75,000 worth of scholarship funds!As a result, we're pleased to announce the removal of the pre-solo requirement of the scholarship... That means if you've already achieved solo status, you're now eligible to apply! Be quick though, ap

PublicationUpdate on RAAus Scholarships

PageRAAus Scholarships

Our Sponsors:2021 – 2022 RAAus Scholarship Program My name is Genevieve Hackett, and I received the Airservices Australia Scholarship in November 2020... At that time, I was extremely excited and grateful, however I wasn’t able to do any flight training as I was preparing for final Year 12 exams... I had alrea

ArticleCongratulations to our GYFTS Scholarship recipients for 2016

Posted 5 May 2016

Congratulations to our GYFTS Scholarship recipients for 2016! RAAus is pleased to announce that a record-breaking 41 scholarships have been awarded this year! We thought 2015 was big, this year saw records broken in applications received, funds avai... lable, number of females in receipt of scholarships as well as our

Article2016 GYFTS Scholarship Presentations

Posted 26 May 2016

Following the General Meeting on Saturday 14 May 2016, awards were presented at a ceremony in Canberra... Five scholarship recipients were in attendance at the ceremony and were asked to speak to the room... RAAus president, Michael Monck also thanked the program's sponsors, particularly AirServices Australia who don

ArticleScholarship Stories: Chris Burdett

Posted 23 April 2021

I found out about the RAAus scholarships and thought I’d apply! I was over the moon when I got the letter from RAAus confirming I was accepted into the progra...