National Safety Month

The aim of National Safety Month is to raise awareness of human factors within the RAAus membership. The objective is to reopen dialogue and refocus members on the need to consider the role that human factors plays in decision making, and the physiological effects of flying an aircraft.

As a result of last previous year's successes, RAAus has revisited the National Safety Month campaign. National Safety Month 2015 saw us focus on fuel starvation, flying below appropriate levels and providing general safety tips for pilots. In 2016, RAAus continued to consider the role of human factors in aviation incidents and drew focus from specific trends identified using the then newly implemented Occurrence Management System (OMS). These trends were Runway Loss of Control (R-LOC), Normalisation of Deviance and Weight and Balance.

National Safety Month 2017
This year RAAus is focusing on “Fitness to Fly.” This is not only a pilots’ fitness but also that of the aircraft as well. RAAus has produce more presentations for our CFIs to utilize during their Safety Month Hangar Talks and they are also available to all of our members to watch at home via the RAAus YouTube Channel. New topics this year include IMSAFE, The Daily Inspection and Maintenance Log Books.

Our schools also participate in National Safety Month in a big way by Hangar Talks around the country for members to attend. Plus, members attending one of these Hangar Talks have the chance to win a 12 month membership on us! Check with your local school to see if they are participating!

Clear Mind, Clear Prop

The "Clear Mind, Clear Prop" slogan was developed to remind RAAus members that before we fly, we must clear any distractions that may have been on our minds.