Sport Pilot Magazine

RAAus is excited to announce the return of Sport Pilot

First edition to be published August 2020

Firstly, we’d like to thank our members for their patience as we worked through this difficult and challenging project.

We wanted to make sure that first and foremost we meet the needs and expectations of the majority of our members. By actively talking to members throughout the second half of 2019 and surveying our entire membership in early 2020 we were able to better understand what you wanted.

It is very pleasing to announce that Sport Pilot will be back in the hands of every financial RAAus member, every RAAus flight training school and every RAAus club with the first edition being published in August 2020.

Better still, there will be no charge.

In balancing both the financial needs and requirements of RAAus and also listening to our members, Sport Pilot will be delivered free to all financial members three times per year. In addition to the physical magazine being delivered three times per year, regular content will be provided to members through our digital and social media channels.

The physical magazine will contain more content than in previous editions and retain the key content members were most interested in.

Our media partner, PACE Media, will take the lead role in bringing Sport Pilot to life and we look forward to letting members know when they can expect the first edition.

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Sport Pilot FAQ

But I already subscribed!
Any member who previously subscribed will be given the option to request a refund, extend their membership, claim a gift voucher, or donate to GYFTS equal to the amount of their remaining subscription. Look out for the form in the first edition.
For those magazine subscribers who are not RAAus members, they will receive an additional 12 months added to their existing subscription - free of charge! A refund can be provided instead for those who request it.

What do I have to do to get Sport Pilot delivered to me?
To receive your FREE copy, please ensure you are a financial RAAus member no later than 30 June 2020.
If your membership has lapsed and you need any assistance with reactivation, please do not hesitate to contact our membership team by emailing or phone the office on 02 6280 4700.

The magazine will only be sent to financial members of RAAus. Non-members will be able to subscribe for a fee.
Make sure your mailing details are up to date. Pease click here or go to “manage my membership” in the RAAus member portal to check your details are up to date.
How can I advertise in Sport Pilot?
Advertisers are welcome to contact 

Can I contribute?
Yes, we welcome all articles and letters. Please send them to More content and contribution ideas will be circulated in the first edition.

When will Sport Pilot be delivered?
The first edition will be published and delivered in August. 

How can RAAus afford to do this now?
RAAus has worked very hard in securing the financial future of our organisation and we’d like to thank members for their support. By producing three printed issues per year and combining this with digital content the rest of the time has allowed RAAus to meet the costs associated without requiring subscription payment.

Will my membership fee go up?
Membership fees won’t rise as a result of bringing back Sport Pilot. They may go up in the future, but at this stage no increase in fees is planned.