As part of our corporate values and strategic plan we place safety above all else and members are central to everything we do as we build alliances and promote safe recreational aviation.

Recreational Aviation Australia is progressively working towards improving safety outcomes through a holistic approach to safety management and the adoption of an open and fair reporting culture.

Our fleet of just over 3,200 aircraft are in many cases, some of the youngest aircraft on an Australian register. This means that these aircraft are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure safety whilst in the air.  Additionally many of our pilots now use tablet-based navigation software similar to what most of us are used to in today's cars.

Our pilots are trained by qualified, skilled and experienced instructors and have access to a comprehensive range of training resources. Additionally our instructors undertake rigorous checking and testing on a regular basis and our qualified staff oversee regular audits of training schools and associated practices.

At RAAus, safety is our first priority.