RAAus to cease issuing ASICs - FAQs

Last edited: 14 June 2017, 7:26pm

Why is RAAus no longer issuing ASIC?

The RAAus Board took a decision in June to no longer issue the ASIC due to the high risks posed to RAAus members, staff and the Board under the new regulations. 

RAAus also feels the new regulations are too onerous and would rather remain focused on our core business, which is issuing pilot certificates and registering aircraft. 

We emailed members and newsletter subscribers in June with a detailed explanation of our decision. You can read the newsletter here.

When will RAAus stop issuing the ASIC?

From 1 August 2017

I recently applied for an ASIC with RAAus, will I still get one?


Can I apply for a new ASIC now?

Yes, RAAus will accept applications up until 31 July 2017.  If you have time left on your existing ASIC you will lose any remaining time and the new date on your new ASIC will reset to your new application date.

Where else can I get an ASIC?


Will RAAus assist me with any enquirers regarding my ASIC after 1 August 2017?

Yes, if RAAus issued your ASIC.  So, if your address changes and you need to update it or you lose your card, RAAus will assist you.

I'm really unhappy about this decision, what can I do?

You can write to the department at clientservice@infrastructure.gov.au

RAAus worked hard to try and keep the ASIC system simple, but the government has decided to introduce these changes.  RAAus will continue to lobby on our member's behalf to try and make ASIC simple.

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