Flight Operations Manual –Issue 8 consultation and rewrite

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Flight Operations Manual –Issue 8 consultation and rewrite

As part of RAAus’ ongoing commitment to continual improvement and member consultation, we are inviting members to provide broad commentary, ideas and suggestions for changes and amendments to the current Operations Manual for Issue 8.  This is the first phase of consultation, with another opportunity being provided early in 2020 to all members.  RAAus expects to have a rewritten manual ready to go to the board of directors by the middle of 2020. We encourage all members, specifically flying instructors, to get involved and have your say on how we can improve our manual.

The current scoping of proposed changes and amendments includes, but won’t be limited to the following:

  • Present the content in relevant, non-repetitive and user friendly format
  • Make the document the authoritive source of flight operations requirements
  • Be outcome focussed while setting RAAus operational standards
  • Be Part 149 compliant
  • Be written in plain English
  • Remove all references to GA and replace with CASA or relevant Sport Organisations
  • Remove opinion based or emotive language
  • Unnecessary, redundant or repetitive content to be removed.  e.g. airworthiness content that is or should be in the Technical Manual
  • Commonality of subject matter to be consolidated where appropriate and structured such that is easy to find and relevant to the membership as a whole
  • Audit and review RAAus forms as part of the rewrite
  • Inclusion of a definition of “Fit and Proper Person” (case law) as it relates to RAAus certificate and permission holders
  • Hire and reward requirements (CAO 95.55) which includes clarification of private hire of aircraft to other members, clubs hiring aircraft to members and cost sharing clarification
  • A common administration section for all member involvement
  • Remove statement of duties and responsibilities for the Operations Manager and Assistant Operations Manager positions – this will become an internal document in the form of a job description
  • Merge sections 1 and 2 – removing redundant referencing
  • Restructure the manual while removing redundant/unnecessary content and opinion based language
  • Update abbreviations and definitions
  • Allow for electronic logbooks
  • Correct an ambiguity - that an Instructor can supervise a radio examination but not issue the endorsement
  • Recognition of Cross Country qualifications from other aviation organisations requires the qualification to be current
  • Definition of a Safety Pilot role – minimum pilot in command requirements
  • Prior to issue of Utility endorsement require Cross Country endorsement to be held
  • Require a logbook entry for Instructor and Senior Instructor 90 day and 12-month proficiency checks
  • Accept a CASA Grade 3 renewal or initial issue for RAAus Instructor renewal with supply of Licence or logbook entry
  • Create a matrix to assist in understanding of conversions or upgrades to Instructors and Senior Instructors
  • Review the Special Approval in Section 2.09 to determine if a CFI is required to supervise these Special Approval holders
  • Allow for CASA student solo candidate recommendations to be recognised for upgrade to Senior Instructor if the CFI is approved at the FTS for CASA and RAAus combined operations
  • Expand the Special Approval privileges to allow for pilots with minimum nominated hours on specific aircraft types to deliver type transition training – excluding design feature training
  • Correct the CFI requirements to remove the 12-month proficiency check based on a Senior Instructor renewal
  • Provide CFI specific renewal requirements
  • Addition to the CFI section requiring the CFI to advise RAAus of changes in CFI medical status, ceasing of flight training, change of aircraft, change of financial status or change of key personnel or operational status within 7 days
  • Amendment of PE approval to remove perpetual status and require regular revalidation
  • Clarify recognition of hours gained in other sport organisations aircraft in Section 2.13
  • Provide a specific process to convert an existing RAAus CFI in Group B to Group A
  • Clarify the aeronautical experience in Section 2.13 to reference recognised RAAus registerable aircraft which may be registered with another organisation
  • Provide a requirement for the Converting Pilot exam when converting qualifications from other aviation organisations
  • Process to recognise Group B or D towards Group A using a matrix
  • Process for conversion of CASA instructor qualifications and issue of a RPC and Instructor rating during the same flight test by a PE
  • Provide clearer acceptance of medical certificates from NZ. If a CASA Class 2 is provided, the annual medical statement requirement can be waived
  • Add a reference in the medical section regarding notifiable conditions as part of annual doctor statements
  • Create an administration section for FTS and separate FTS and CFI approvals processes
  • Add a requirement for the RAAus Flight Instructor Reference Manual (FIRM) to be referenced at all FTS
  • Clarify the requirements for student training records to include competency references, student and Instructor signatures, identified deficiencies and corrections, emergency contact information, temp membership trigger, and recording of member number
  • Clarify the requirement for landowner or aerodrome operator approval for all new FTS applications
  • Allow for independent Instructors to conduct BFRs and specified endorsements, no ab-initio unless under a CFI at a RAAus FTS
  • Remove the reference to an active RMS and replace with ASMS requirement (current Operations Bulletin)
  • Include Deputy CFI into the manual (current Operations Bulletin)
  • Remove the reference to 2 yearly FTS inspections, replace with RAAus Audit and Assurance Policy reference
  • Allow for electronic student training records, provided a secure and backed up system is utilised
  • Incorporate all exam and flight test requirements into the relevant section as references for prerequisites
  • Amend the exam pass mark to align with CASA Part 61 requirements, 70% pass mark with a mandatory Knowledge Deficiency Review (KDR)
  • Require a radio competency entry into students’ logbooks prior to solo operations
  • Correct the reference for minimum blood alcohol to .02%
  • Process to approve video BFR for PPC RPC holders if no Group A or B CFI is nearby
  • Consider possible new elements of an Ultralight Pilot Certificate (similar to FAR 103 requirements from the FAA)
  • Consider operation of motorgliders (engine off gliding)

Draft Contents page (proposed)

Policy Statement

Checklist of Current Pages

Amendment Record

Abbreviations and Definitions

Section 1            Quick reference guide, ready reckoners, how to…

Section 2            Aircraft Groups Specifics (Three Axis, PPC, Trike)

Section 3            Medical Requirements

Section 4            Alcohol and Other Drugs

Section 5            Operational Standards

Section 6            Training

Section 7            Certificates, Ratings, Approvals and Endorsements

Section 8            Documents and Forms

Section 9            Administration

Proposed Timing

Phase one - member consultation – inclusions and changes – Aug – Sept 2019

Creation of draft document – Dec 2019 – Mar 2020

Phase two – member consultation draft document – April – May 2020

Board review and sign off – June 2020

CASA Review – June 2020

Please provide all comments to opsmanager@raa.asn.au by 30 September

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