Employment Opportunity - National Safety, Risk and Compliance Manager

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The Role

  • Forefront of Aviation Safety – Diverse Stakeholder Base
  • Lead Industry Standards – Implement Comprehensive Framework
  • Nationally Focused Role – Canberra Based

Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) is the peak body in Australia responsible for administering ultralight, recreational and Light Sport Aircraft operations, training and certifying pilots (9.200 members), flying instructors and maintainers. Additionally we also register a fleet of 3,200 aircraft, oversee the operations of 160 flight training schools throughout the country and support 50 Aero Clubs.

Our organisation continues to experience sustained growth, and has been successful in securing enhanced operating privileges for our members and playing a key role in the implementation of an organisational wide Safety Management System and Safety Toolbox to our members.

As the Manager Safety, Risk and Compliance you will lead the roll out of this new safety management system/framework including managing the day to day operations of the Safety Office. You will be known for your communication skills and capacity to work with people at all levels, including the ability to work and engage with executives and highly experienced professionals in their field. You will influence change and energise individuals to commit to an evolving safety culture.

To be successful in this role you will want to be at the forefront of sport and recreational aviation safety in Australia and have demonstrated practical expertise in the area of Safety, Risk and Compliance (or related). You will have eye for detail with an ability to work independently on key projects.

This opportunity would suit an individual who is seeking the next stage in their career and has a depth of expertise and a passion for aviation particularly sport and recreational flying activities.

How to Apply

Applications for this positon should include a current resume and a covering letter highlighting your experience and interest in the position.

To find out more call Michael Linke (02) 6280 4700 or email mlinke@raa.asn.au

Applications Close: 21 July 2017

A remuneration package will be negotiated with the successful applicant.  The final package will be dependent upon experience and can be expected to have a cash component of $90,000, plus superannuation.  RAAus can also offer free parking, technology commensurate with the demands of the position and is a flexible employer recognising the needs of people with families and people with disabilities.  The positon is located in Canberra at the RAAus head office in Fyshwick.  To learn more about RAAus visit www.raa.asn.au.

Information for Applicants

RAAus is a dynamic forward thinking professional membership based organisation.

With 9,200 members we are the fastest growing group of aviators in Australia. Our members range from 10-year-olds learning to spread their wings to 94-year-old retirees enjoying the beauty of our country from above and having a great social life thanks to the shared interest by so many of their peers.

RAAus offers support to aspiring pilots through our network of some 160 flight training schools.  People learn to fly for a number of reasons, whether it be a career in aviation, a need as a result of the remoteness of our country, or for simply enjoyment and recreational pursuits.

In addition to our pilots is our fleet of aircraft.  RAAus oversees the registration of some 3,200 aircraft that are generally referred to as ultralights.  The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) delegates this power to us to manage our own fleet.  Most of our aircraft are used in flying schools and about one in four members own their own aircraft.  In all some 500 different types of aircraft are on our register.

RAAus undertakes a range of other activities including oversight and audit of flight training schools, advocacy on aviation related matters on behalf of our members, safety awareness and promotional campaigns as well as attendance at events, seminars, forums and conferences with a view to further aviation in general.

RAAus is a company limited by guarantee with a professional staff of 14 and is governed by a Board of Directors of seven elected by the membership.  RAAus is what is known as a self-administering aviation body that is given credence through a Deed of Agreement with CASA.


RAAus was established in 1983 as the Australian Ultralight Federation. Since then Australian light recreational and sport aviation has experienced pronounced growth. There has been considerable growth in the RAAus membership and the number of aircraft with RAAus registration during this time. We have also seen the capabilities of the aircraft types available and the number of training facilities and clubs increase. However, far more importantly, has been real growth in knowledge, efficiency, effectiveness and safety. Light recreational aviation is no longer purely the realm of dedicated recreational and sport aficionados; our growth has also established and supported a light recreational aircraft and engine manufacturing industry.

In the last two years RAAus has converted from an incorporated association to a company limited by guarantee. This change was brought about to assist with improved governance levels and to bring the company up to date following thirty years of growth. The change made macro changes to our system of governance and ensured Directors took a lead policy role for the organisation as a whole rather than the regionally based Board structure, which had served us well, but was no longer applicable.

Legal Status

Legally RAAus is a not-for-profit, member-based company limited by guarantee constituted with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) consisting of individual members with voting rights.

The Board comprises seven elected Directors, who appoint a Chairman from their number. The Chairman is the link between the Board and management through the CEO.

The CEO manages the staff, of which there are 14. 11 staff are based in Canberra and three staff work remotely, one each from Victoria, NSW and Queensland.


Currently RAAus comprises 9,200 ordinary members, most of whom hold, or have held, an RAAus Pilot Certificate received after flight training at an RAAus approved flight training school (FTS), of which there are 160.

The establishment and growth of the 160 flight training schools was nurtured, post 1985, by RAAus after contracting to do so and receiving delegation from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s predecessor. RAAus and CASA have together put in place one of the best, if not the best, system of very light aircraft pilot training in the world.

RAAus also administers the registration of some 3,200 aircraft and works with over 1,000 maintainers to ensure these aircraft continue to operate safely.

The Aircraft We Fly

Our pilots fly various types of microlight and ultralight (“Light Sport”) aircraft. These are limited to two seats and a maximum take-off weight of 600kg. You can fly simple “rag and tube” open cockpit designs at 70km/h to very sleek, comfortable and modern, composite aircraft that cruise at over 250km/h and everything in between.

You can hire aircraft from clubs, buy them brand new or second hand and even build your own from a kit, plans or your own design!

Where We Fly

There are many airfields with recreational schools and clubs just outside the major cities and around the country. The only place off-limits to our pilots is the controlled airspace around the larger cities and military bases. The rest of Australia is wide open country to us: no need to file plans or ask permissions, no need to talk to air traffic control – just get in your aircraft and go explore!

With thousands of airstrips near towns, on stations and resorts, your imagination is the only limit on where you can go. The majority of country towns with airline services (places like Broken Hill) also have no control tower and we can use these strips. And if you have a rural property with enough space, there is nothing stopping you from having your own airstrip.

If you have ever wanted to explore Australia from above in your own aircraft, Recreational Aviation Australia is the organisation that can help you achieve this dream.

Key Dates

Applications close: 21 July 2017 at 5.00pm Eastern Standard Time.

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