AvSafety Seminars - June 2019

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AvSafety seminars for pilots, engineers and flight instructors

June 2019

Enhancing pilot skills in a dynamic environment

In 2019, CASA’s Aviation Safety Advisors (ASAs) will run a series of AvSafety seminars—Enhancing pilot skills in a Dynamic Environment.

This seminar will discuss how knowledge of human factors in three essential pilot skills will enhance aviation safety:

  • communication
  • situational awareness
  • threat and error management

Using practical examples, the seminar will look at enhancing the skills involved with radio communications around aerodromes and maintaining situational awareness in a dynamic and changing environment.

The seminar will also introduce the role of threat and error management and discuss techniques to complement the technical aspects of flying an aircraft.

The seminars are an ideal opportunity for you to interact with your ASA, discuss local issues and ask questions of the regulator.

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Locations and dates are as follows:


Thursday 13 June

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Tuesday 18 June

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Wednesday 19 June

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Wednesday 19 June

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Thursday 20 June

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The presentation includes references to the CASA website. Please feel free to bring your tablet or smartphone to follow the information live.

New Engineering knowledge development—awareness through education

If you work in airworthiness and aircraft engineering, we want to keep you up to date with changes, advances and the high level of safety knowledge you require.

This is a complex discipline, so if you’re an engineer, operator, trainer, HAAMC or CAMO, we want to help you have access to the latest best practice, information and resources. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with CASA and ask us questions.

Some of the topics that this series of seminars will focus on are:

  • leadership and mentoring for AMEs
  • specialist maintenance certification
  • Flight Safety Australia maintenance articles
  • regulation review update.

Your Aviation Safety Advisor will be available to discuss Part 66 license questions and issues both during and after the presentation if required.

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Locations and dates are as follows:


Wednesday 26 June

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Flight Instructor safety workshops

We're holding a new series of workshops aimed specifically at pilots who hold an instructor rating.

Flying instructors play a critical role in flight safety both during the initial training of pilots and ongoing flight reviews.

The workshops will include lectures, case studies, discussion topics and group exercises. Some of the topics covered will include the following:

  • maintaining good situational awareness in the training environment
  • anticipating student actions
  • understanding Part 61 requirements such as The General Competency Rule
  • use of GPS and EFB in the instructional environment
  • online resources available for the instructor and student
  • the importance of flight reviews and how we can maximise their benefit.

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Location and dates are as follows:


Tuesday 11 June

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Thursday 13 June

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A list of all seminars and more information is available on the CASA website.

Help make the skies safe for all, attend a CASA AvSafety seminar in 2019.

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