Avalon International Air Show RAAus pilot information

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Avalon information:

Requirements for RAAus members to operate into Avalon International Air Show 2019 (Avalon East)

RAAus members intending to operate into Avalon East aircraft parking for general attendance of the Avalon International Air Show may only operate a RAAus aircraft if the following requirements (stipulated in the CASA Exemption for RAAus members) are met:

  • The aircraft must meet controlled airspace requirements for calibration of instruments under CAO 100.5
  • The pilot must hold current CASA qualifications including medical certificate, flight review and controlled airspace approval
  • If the pilot doesn’t hold current CASA qualifications, under the specific Exemption issued by CASA, the pilot must attend a briefing delivered by a RAAus CFI to clearly understand the requirements of AIP SUPP H03 (included as a link in this information).
  • The pilot’s logbook should have an entry from the CFI confirming this briefing attendance, although it is not a requirement to carry the pilot logbook aboard the aircraft for the flight to Avalon.
  • The aircraft radio must be capable of transmitting and receiving over 10 nm as this is the minimum distance for required reporting points prior to entering airspace
  • The pilot must complete a radio readability check and receive confirmation of correct operation on the day of the proposed flight to Avalon

Victorian members may attend specific briefings delivered by RAAus member and Airservices Adelaide tower controller Patrick Normoyle. These locations and times are:

Lethbridge Airfield          Saturday 16 Feb 2019 from 1600 till 1900 ( in the Aero Club )

Moorabbin                         Saturday 23 Feb 2019 from 1100 till 1400 ( In the Flight Deck Bar, Royal Vic Aero Club )

Tyabb Airfield                    Saturday 23 Feb 2019 from 1600 till 1900 ( Yet to be confirmed, date and time ) in the Aero Club

Requirements for RAAus members to operate into Avalon International Air Show 2019 (Avalon Main)

For those RAAus members who have registered their aircraft for display at Avalon Main (all of the above are required however there is an additional requirement)

  • Operations into Avalon Main are only with permission of Aerospace Australia, who are the organisers of the air show. This includes a requirement for a booked timeslot to operate into the airspace.

RAAus encourages all members to ensure they clearly understand the requirements of the AIP SUPP, correct radio procedures and their obligations and responsibilities. These flights present an opportunity to demonstrate the professional conduct of RAAus pilots on an international stage, think about your radio calls and read and understand the AIP SUPP procedures clearly.

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