Hours & Maintenance Record

Are you tracking when aircraft maintenance and registration is due and completing your requirement to sign a daily inspection prior to the first flight of each day?

RAAus has an aircraft Hours and Maintenance Record which can be downloaded for your aircraft from the RAAus Member Portal. Don’t get caught out with overdue maintenance or registration – Ensure you are tracking your requirements and checking compliance prior to each and every flight!

What is the Hours and Maintenance Record?

It is a document which allows aircraft owners to easily record hours, landings, oil uptake and monitor when key maintenance intervals are due such as the annual and/or 100 hourly inspection, or record when Service Bulletins (SB) or Airworthiness Directives (AD) are due.

Is it mandatory to use this document?    

No - It is not mandatory to use the HAM. However it is a requirement to record aircraft hours and landings and keep track of vital maintenance intervals and scheduled maintenance requirements. The HAM will assist aircraft owners with these requirements. However if what you are already doing is meeting these requirements then you may decide to continue with your current method. 

Why has RAAus introduced the HAM?

After a random audit of RAAus registered aircraft maintenance logbooks it was found that there is high level of non compliance regarding the recording of aircraft maintenance activities. It is a requirement that RAAus registered aircraft are maintained in accordance with manufacturer requirements and all maintenance that is carried out is recorded in an aircraft maintenance logbook. The HAM will assist aircraft owners record their hours and landings and identify when maintenance is due to be carried out.

Does the HAM replace my aircraft logbook?

No- The HAM is an additional document which can form part of your aircraft maintenance logbook.

What are the benefits to using the HAM?

Use the HAM for better record keeping and monitoring the expiration date of your aircraft registration. The HAM has replaced the need for an aircraft card that is sent on an annual basis (for more information on aircraft registration cards please click here). RAAus members enjoy the best conditions of any self administering aviation organisation in the world and by standardising the way operational and maintenance activities are recorded and tracked RAAus can maintain its suite of privileges and lobby to increase them.

How do I obtain my HAM?

Portal image

It is available in the ‘My Aircraft’ section of the members portal found under ‘manage my membership’ and you can print as many copies as required. Your aircraft make, model, registration and registration expiry will be prefilled using the download HAM link shown above.



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