Covid and Currency

Now more than ever, it is important that members continue to monitor their personal circumstances prior to conducting activities related to recreational aviation. This includes reviewing the mental and physical health of yourself and those in which you may come in contact with, as well as reviewing personal currency, recency and aircraft airworthiness prior to each flight. 

The following areas should be reviewed prior to operating an aircraft.

IMSAFE Checklist
Pilots should ensure they are fit to fly prior to operating an aircraft. If you are unwell or have any coronavirus symptoms, avoid flying until you have fully recovered.

Pilot currency and skill management
Prior to flight, ensure you are current to safely operate your aircraft. Rather than carrying out long distance cross country flights, consider local A-A flights or refreshing your personal skills by conducting circuits, practicing forced landings or stalling in the training area. These operations can also be carried out without a passenger, ensuring pilots continue to follow social distancing recommendations.

When to consult an Instructor

If you have not been able to fly for an extended period of time, are due for a flight review or have low total experience, you should strongly consider conducting a flight review or currency check with an instructor prior to returning to solo flight. This permits the safe return to flight based on how long it has been since you last flew, how recent your skills are, how many hours you were able to fly prior to COVID-19 restrictions and your overall skill level. 

Stick to your personal minimums
At a time where medical resources are already stretched it is important to avoid the potential for the need for emergency services in the unlikely event that something does not go to plan.

We therefore recommend that thorough pre-flight planning be completed prior to flight to assess current conditions. If these conditions are challenging or fall outside your personal minimums, then it is recommended that the flight be delayed until conditions improve. Let’s look out for each other during these difficult times.

The RAAus currency barometer has been created as general guidance material only - Pilots should discuss their proficiency and currency with with an instructor.