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Low Cost ADS-B

CASA recently announced approval for the use of low cost non-TSO'd ADS-B devices, referred to as electronic conspicuity (EC) devices, for use in VFR aircraft. These devices allow pilots to see and be seen by other airspace users without the need for installing expensive certified ADS-B transponders.

This equipment can be used to connect to your EFB applications to identify other airspace users, improving situational awareness for pilots. With near miss events being one of the most common occurrence types reported to RAAus in 2019, this is a positive step forward in aviation safety.

The first device approved for use in Australia is the uAvionix SkyEcho 2 ADS-B transceiver – Available for purchase from OzRunways. We also have one up for grabs within our ultimate safety prize pack during National Safety Month.

Pilots should ensure they review guidance material prior to the use of low cost ADS-B devices, including device registration, and awareness around potential for distraction.

An EC device cannot be used instead of a transponder for operations in Class A, C, or E airspace or above 10 000ft AMSL in Class G airspace, however, it is acceptable to simultaneously operate a transponder and an EC device, but only if the transponder is not itself outputting ADS-B position information.

If you are using an electronic conspicuity device you need to Contact the civil aircraft register and provide your contact details, and the make, model and serial number of your EC device to be allocated a unique ICAO 24-bit address to enable it to be used.

ADS-B devices and traffic information on EFBs should be used to assist situational awareness, but pilots are reminded that maintaining an active lookout and making regular radio calls to ensure alerted see and avoid is maintained remains the priority during VFR operations, particularly in and around airports.

For more information refer to AIP supplement and information from CASA casa.gov.au/airspace/electronic-conspicuity-devices