Aircraft Document Research Service

In the recent member survey that went out over 90% of aircraft owners indicated that if a logbook review service was available, they would use it.  We provided that result to Flight Safety Solutions who have been working hard over the last six months to be able to offer this service to aircraft owners.

Researching aircraft documentation for maintenance, annual or a pre-purchase inspection is a time consuming process, even if you do know where to look! Whether you are an owner or an engineer, Flight Safety Solutions research this data for your aircraft and provide you with a list of hyperlinks to SB’s, AN’s, AD's, AWB's, SI's, SL's, maintenance intervals, service manuals, all on one clickable PDF document. Save time and money and stay compliant. 

 Over the past year RAAus has been promoting the importance of aircraft maintenance logbook compliance. Survey and aircraft logbook audits have helped us identify and communicate about key areas for improvement. The areas that required the most improvement were compliance relating to Airworthiness Notices (AN), Service Bulletins (SB) and CAO 100.5 tasks.

It is very important to sit down and do the research on your aircraft and find what bulletins are applicable. Unlike the general annual inspection (where you are hands-on checking condition and connections etc of your own machine), an AN or SB has been released because other aircraft have been found to be defective. They are notifications of such things as cracking, breaking, wearing, loosening of parts, and mean that you need to inspect your own aircraft for the same issue.  An AN or SB is a signal that an identified issue is IMPORTANT and requiring action.

This work can take many hours and days to research. This service provided by Flight Safety Solutions will undertake the research and send a digital digest of relevant notices, bulletins and other notifications. After completing a short application online, the owner will be supplied a listing of:

  • Airworthiness Notices
  • Service Bulletins – Airframe
  • Service Bulletins - Engine
  • CAO 100.5 tasks
  • Applicable Service Letters
  • Scheduled maintenance tasks

Most of the notifications will be provided hyperlinked for easy reference, for aircraft owners to then review to ensure necessary actions have been carried out, or read for information.

The Coronavirus shutdown period is the perfect time to research and update your aircraft maintenance logbook. Flying is all about confidence – confidence in yourself and your aircraft. Ensuring your maintenance and therefore your aircraft logbook is compliant will go a long way to giving you the confidence that your aircraft is up to the task.

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Service provided by Flight Safety Solutions