Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of National Safety Month 2022

This week we are focusing on information for our pilots across the country with the theme: Takeoffs are Optional.




  Takeoffs are Optional

   Over the past 6 months, RAAus has had a number of serious and fatal accidents which may have been avoided
   through improved decision making. Most pilots will have come across the saying ‘takeoffs are optional, landings are
   mandatory’ and from a number of occurrences recently reported to RAAus, this saying appears to be no more relevant
   than now.
 Over the past 5 years environmental factors and pilot experience have been identified as likely
factors in multiple fatal accidents.   

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 Safety at Non-Towered Aerodromes

  Near miss events are one of the most common occurrence types reported to RAAus with 74% of those occurring
  within the circuit. 
CASA have recently put together a range of video resources with valuable safety information for 
  pilots operating at non-controlled aerodromes, 
including an AvSafety Accident Investigation where a panel of experts
  review an accident where two aircraft collided on a runway.

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 Safety Reporting - Do you know your requirements?

  Do you know your reporting requirements as a Pilot or Maintainer? Reporting is a mandatory requirement in the
  event of an incident, accident or identification of a defect during maintenance and assists in improving the safety for

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