"Last weekend I flew solo for the first time and it was the best feeling ever. I never thought this would be possible so soon, and today I started at the Aviation High School in Brisbane to further continue with my goal of becoming a Commercial pilot"
- Jackson Pollineli (15),
2016 Scholarship Recipient 

"I'd like to thank [RAAus] so much for the GYFTS scholarship that I received in May, since then I have gone solo on my 15th birthday and have been featured in the Port News (local Port Macquarie newspaper) on the front page!...Thank you so much."
- Alex McGee (15),
2016 Scholarship Recipient 

"Now, fresh with my Pilot Certificate in hand and aviator sunglasses, I hired the Jabiru and took my first flight as a pilot in my own right. As I felt the aircraft take lift I realised who I am, this is my dream. I, Toby Mallon, am a pilot. What does the future hold? "
- Toby Mallon (17),
2015 Scholarship Recipient 


RAAus is active in supporting the future of aviation in Australia and our scholarships are just one of the ways that we support the industry.

RAAus welcomes contributions to our Scholarship Fund to help young aviators on their journey. You can download our scholarship brochure and donate here.

Applications for the 2019 scholarships have now closeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a financial member to be eligible to apply for an RAAus scholarship?
Yes, only financial members of RAAus can apply for the scholarships.

Can I sign up for a 30 day free membership and still be eligible to apply for an RAAus scholarship?
No, a 30 day free membership is not a financial membership, however, you can phone our office on 02 6280 4700 to pay membership fees and become a financial member.

I have already gone solo, can I still apply for an RAAus scholarship?
Yes, scholarship funds received can be used toward endorsements and further training at RAAus Flight Training Schools. 

Can I apply for a scholarship if I already have my Pilot Certificate?
Holders of a pilot certificate or licence are eligible to apply for an Instructor scholarship. If applying for a flying scholarship, you must not have ever held a pilot certificate or licence.

Is there an age limit for applicants?
Yes, the 2019 scholarship round is open to applicants aged 25 and under.