Converting Pilots

Do you already hold a pilot licence, certificate, or have other flight experience? 

Recreational Aviation Australia accepts previous flight experience towards the issue of a Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) so you can fly RAAus aircraft within Australia.

Conversion to a RAAus RPC can be made from Australian or overseas pilot licences, including conversions from other sport organisations including SAFA, ASRA & GFA. Conversion for experienced pilots is typically quick and simple, and can be arranged at one of our Flight Training Schools across Australia.

In order to convert to a Recreational Pilot Certificate you must:

-     Be a financial member of Recreational Aviation Australia

-     Meet the minimum flight experience requirements for the issue of an RAAus RPC

-     Complete a minimum of 5 hours flight time, including 1 hour PIC in an RAAus registered aircraft, or we will recognise previous                          experience if you have already completed 5 hours flight time, including 1 hour PIC in an aircraft capable of being registered                              with RAAus (<600KG MTOW).

-     Complete the RAAus converting pilot exam

If you have any further questions about converting to a RAAus RPC, do not hesitate to contact us, or get in touch with one of our Flight Training Schools to arrange conversion! You can also download our Converting Pilots publication.