Strategic Plan


A Pilot in Every Home


Accessible, safe aviation for all by being an industry leader in developing sport and recreational aviation for the fun and enjoyment of our members

Our Values

  • Risk based: The right of people to take risks means having a measured mindset with respect to safety. Having a proportionate approach means assessing risks and and then applying a commensurate level of control to the activity.
  • Stability: RAAus will seek to provide stability for aviators, government bodies and other stakeholders. We will do this by being process driven and focussed on our long term strategic objectives  which will be communicated to relevant parties.
  • Simplicity: Everything we do should be done with a view to making it easier for aviators to aviate. A rule, process, system, or any other artefact of RAAus will not be permitted if it does not simplify aviation.
  • Transparency: Being honest and open with members and other stakeholders is the centre of everything we do. We must act in an inclusive manner and our actions must always be viewed with integrity.
  • Accountability: In everything that RAAus does, we must be accountable for our actions. This applies to directors and staff as well as members. We must be consistent with how we approach problems and be respectful of each other.
  • Innovation: We must always strive to be different and progressive. Accepting the status quo is not in our nature and we will be proactive in generating growth and change within the industry.


Our Cornerstones and Themes

  • Engagement: Strategies that engage our existing members and also introduce more people to aviation.
  • Training: Continue to develop and deliver relevant training to our members, specifically, instructors and maintainers.
  • Innovation: Look at technological solutions and embrace emerging technologies to improve the member experience.
  • Growth: Explore options that both grow our membership  and expand privileges for our members


Outcomes from the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan