The First Bristell RG Hits Aussie Skies

Last edited: 22 April 2021, 10:17am

Words: Tom Lyons | Images: BRM Aero

Earlier this month, Australia's first Bristell RG made its maiden flight out at West Sale Airport. 

Featuring a retractable undercarriage and heavy-duty wing spars, the Bristell RG is geared toward comfortable and economical cross-country flights. The sleek, silver aircraft took to the skies in Gippsland, VIC, piloted by Edge Aviation's Lorraine MacGillivray. 

Bristell RG in Australia

"I was the pilot in command during this flight as I endorsed another pilot on the constant speed and retractable gear en route." she said. "After delivery, Brett Anderson of Anderson Aviation Australia went over the aircraft with the owner, familiarizing him with all the aircraft's features. I then took the new owner for a familiarization flight for an hour. During this flight the owner was excited to now be in possession of this beautiful aircraft. He was overwhelmed by the quality of the manufacturing and how 'solid' the aircraft felt. For sure he is a very excited and happy customer."

"I would expect that we will see more RGs in Australia in the not too distant future," MacGillivray said, "as I think this model will attract quite a bit of attention."

Bristell RG in Australia

With one aircraft now flying in Australian skies, it seems certain we will be seeing more Bristell RGs to come.

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