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Last edited: 21 October 2015, 4:00pm

RAAus Special Announcement: New Member's Online Experience Launches This Week

RAAus is pleased to announce the launch of a new online experience for our members. This new experience will bring a host of new features to members through a redesigned member's portal, online occurence reporting and a whole new website. Over time more and more features will be added and we've inluded handy feedback forms so members can tell us what you'd like to see included as we further develop our online suite of products.

In addition to our new members portal comes a redeveloped member's area of our website where members will have access to a raft of information, tools and documentation. We are progressively migrating new material all the time, so be sure to log in often to your personalised portal to be kept up to date on developments and news from RAAus.

For the general public and budding recreational aviation enthusiasts we have built a new web experience. The new website incorporates a responsive design so it is easy to access across all screen sizes across a range of devices, tablets and smartphones. The website showcases critical information about RAAus and is a great launching pad for anyone interested in joining RAAus or finding out more about sport and recreational aviation.

The next part of our new experience is an enhanced in house built member’s database. For internal use only by staff this is where we will host and maintain member records. Built using the latest technology to ensure privacy and security of member data, this new back end will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our staff to deliver quality services to members.

The final part of our new digital experience is a world first purpose built occurrence management system. From time to time our members will have an accident, experience an incident, have a need to report a hazard or lodge a complaint. The occurrence management system, which we are calling the OMS, will cater for each scenario in a seamless easy to navigate online system.

All products launch in late October. Keep an eye on your inbox for your dedicated log in and password details and further updates this week. Due to the size of the RAAus database, some 10,000 members, we will be progressively rolling out log in details over a ten day period in late October.

Read on for a detailed look into the new products.

Member's Personalised Portal

When launched you will receive an email with your log in details. We ask at launch time that you are patient as we migrate 10,000 member records across to the new system. Once your record has been migrated you will get a welcome email with login details.

The first thing you should do is log in and check your contact details for accuracy. If there are errors or omissions, simply update the details.

Where there are errors or omissions please use the contact form on the website to let us know so we can fix any errors or omissions for you.

In your portal you'll be able to renew your membership, register your aircraft, renew your subscription to Sport Pilot, check on any due dates and monitor any occurrences you've been involved in.


The new website has been built from the ground up. Please have a look around, you'll find some great additions. For instance, every copy of Sport Pilot is online for you to enjoy. Instant access to our new members market, a partnership with Aviation Advertiser, is also available.  Additionally all of the usual key information is laid out in an easy to find simplified menu structure. You'll find contact details for our flying schools, news, information on endorsements, safety and a host of maintenance related information.  If you’d like to see more, lets us know through the feedback form.

The most exciting part of our website is the ability for people to join RAAus directly online in an easy to fill in membership application process. We have also built in some great technology to ensure our Junior members and members with unique circumstances are catered for and assisted as they progress towards membership, begin the journey to becoming a pilot and finally graduating as a pilot and gaining endorsements.

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