SFIS implementation - RAAus and Airservices Live Stream - TONIGHT 18 August 6PM AEST

Last edited: 18 August 2021, 2:42pm
Join our Flight Operations team and representatives from Airservices as they discuss the implementation of SFIS (Surveillance Flight Information Service), Wednesday 18 August at 6:00pm AEST.
Airservices is introducing enhanced traffic services, in Class G airspace, through the provision of the Surveillance Flight Information Service (SFIS) at selected regional non-towered aerodromes across Australia.
Airservices introduced the enhanced traffic service at Ballina, New South Wales on 12 August 2021. Airservices is proposing to introduce SFIS next at Mangalore, Victoria, subject to standard regulatory processes and approvals.

AIP Sup https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/sup/s21-h88.pdf

FAQs https://members.raa.asn.au/storage/surveillance-flight-information-service-sfis-frequently-asked-questions-faqs-ballina-and-mangalore.pdf 

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