Recreational Aviation Australia - 'Lowering Class E on the East Coast' response

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From the CEO

RAAus would like to thank the many, many, members that have shared with us their views on the Airservices Australia proposal to ‘Lower Class E airspace on the East Coast’. The dominant themes received from members include that this will introduce additional risk into our operations, will be costly to equip aircraft with transponders and VHF radios and will have a detrimental impact on flight training. Its important to also call out that we did also receive feedback from members that were in support of the proposal, and we thank those members providing their views too.

RAAus has now made a formal submission to the Airservices consultation. You can find it here. Whilst we have remained objective and respectful, we feel strongly that this proposal does not demonstrate a need to disadvantage so many aviators when there has not been any safety case put forward and introduce more risk than it attempts to mitigate. We feel that a more structured approach across Government, its agencies, and industry, would be a far more productive and logical approach and that a National Airspace Strategy would go a long way towards improving safety and ensuring the needs of industry are also met.  

Importantly, this is only a consultation at this stage and we should be mindful of that. Airservices have sought industry feedback on a proposal and we have provided it. We wait in anticipation of the direction that Airservices will take, but I assure you that we will continue to work productively with all stakeholders to ensure we are listened to.

We’ll keep you updated as we receive any updates, but for now I wish you a good weekend with lots of good weather and aviation.



Proposal to lower Class E Airspace - The RAAus perspective

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