MTOW Application Submitted

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G’day everyone

In December last year CASA updated CAO 95.55 to allow RAAus to administer aircraft with a MTOW up to 760kgs. It was our intention to make application in the first half of the year however there were a few unforeseen hurdles to overcome such as seeking CASA's removal of a 45-knot stall speed limitation and having the CAO revised accordingly, receiving approval from CASA for the RAAus Change Management process under Part 149 and working through the minefield of other regulations associated with the change – to name a few! Unfortunately these weren’t overcome until June.
On Thursday of last week, however, I’m thrilled to report that RAAus submitted our application to CASA to administer lightweight aeroplanes, which are those aircraft we’ll call ‘Group G’ and that have a MTOW of up to 760kgs! In addition to this we’ve submitted some large updates to the Flight Operations and Technical Manuals for CASA’s consideration. All in all, we submitted 62 documents for CASA’s consideration including change management material, risk assessments, new manuals and guidance material. It’s been a large piece of work to clearly demonstrate to CASA that RAAus is more than capable of administering Group G along with the many changes we’ve made to our manuals, and I’m confident we’ve hit the mark.

In terms of the new Flight Operations Manual, which will be known as V8.0, we’ve taken a clean sheet approach to the sequence of information contained within. It is much easier read for our members with simplified language, common sense ordering of information and clarification of requirements. Should CASA approve it, it will also contain details relating to how to obtain a Group G pilot certificate and instructor rating, a shift towards competency-based outcomes and address some of those niggly things our members tell us need fixing.

From a Technical Manual perspective, we’ve named it V4.2. It’s not a full re-write however there has been a simplifying of language, inclusion of a new Weight Control qualification process and requirements for Group G aircraft including the addressing of certificate of airworthiness matters. It’s our aim to take a clean sheet approach to the Technical Manual in the next 12-18 months, as we’ve done for the Flight Operations Manual.

Once CASA approve our submission this does not mean we can immediately start issuing Group G pilot certificates and registering aircraft. There is still some water to go under the bridge as we progress to an implementation phase. Of course we’ll be communicating this as we progress, providing education sessions and material for members, so that everyone is as informed as they should be. So how long will all this take? It’s possible that CASA may take a few months to review and approve all of our material. We’ll of course be preparing for implementation concurrently, but I do think there will be a time period between when we receive approval versus when we can implement. Based on this I’d like to be optimistic and say that we can commence this year, but if not, certainly early in the new year.

One of the benefits of being an RAAus member is that we do much of the leg work for you, so you don’t have to!! In recognition of this leg work we do, I’d like to put a shout of to the RAAus staff that have worked so incredibly hard over the past six months or so, to deliver what I believe, is an outstanding application! Thank team and well done.

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Stay safe,


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