Hangar Talk - Airwings Flight Centre, Narrandera (28 November 2015)

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Airwings Flight Centre is pleased to invite you to a Hangar Talk ar Narrandera (YNAR) on Saturday the 28th November.

Hangar Talks are being promoted by Recreational Aviation Australia in a bid to refresh our memories
about the many aspects of aviation to ensure to ensure flight safety into the future.

This will be conducted at Narrandera from 11.00am for approximately two (2) hours. A BBQ lunch will
be available at a nominal fee – see RSPV.

From the 12th November Brobenah Leeton (YLEE) is on the same designated CTAF frequency as
Narrandera (YNAR) 132.85.

Be aware that there is a Pilatus PC-12 is based at Narrandera (VH-BEV) but seldom do we see activity
through the day, and, A Cessna Citation is also a frequent user.

AVGAS is available at the bowser – and Murrumbidgee Aero Club’s partner, Aero Refuellers have
offered a $0.10 (ten cents) per litre discount on AVGAS for this day only; and, we will provide a vehicle
and driver (for the short trip into town) together with Jerry Cans for those who may require MOGAS.

The prime topics for discussion are:

  • Fuel Management
  • Weather
  • Safety Tips
  • Low Flying
  • Local Operations
  • Open Forum

RSVP: 24th November (for catering) by email: barkwood@gmail.com

For more information, contact Bob Woodward: 0409 462  674

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