Czech Masters Working on "STOL Cruiser"

Last edited: 23 January 2023, 12:15pm

The talented team at Direct Fly, the Czech company that brought us the Alto, has successfully undergone flight testing for its newest creation, the aptly named "STOL Cruiser".

An all-metal, high-wing ultralight, the STOL Cruiser was designed for short takeoffs and landings while boasting a high cruising speed and flight performance characteristics. Powered by the always reliable Rotax 912 ULS, Direct Fly are confident that they have created a well-performing all rounder, capable of sports flying, bush flying and long-distance touring. 

Direct Fly STOL Cruiser in test flight

Following successful test flights at their home base in Brno, Czech Republic, the company released a statement on social media saying "Flight performance and features are very positive so far. We were pleased with the travel speed, as well as the ascent and the length of the take-off. For a [tailwheel aircraft], the view both on the ground and during the flight is highly superior."

Full details and specifications are yet to be released, but if the company's vision is realised, a fast-cruising STOL aircraft is something that could be extremely well received in the Australian market. We can't wait to learn more!

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