Clubs and Runways Daly Waters (YDLW), NT

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Even if you’ve never heard of Daly Waters before, we guarantee you’ll have a memorable visit. Located 589km south-east of Darwin and 916km north of Alice Springs, this tiny remote town packs a punch with its quirky attractions and outback hospitality.


The Daly Waters Aviation Complex is home to the oldest hangar in the Northern Territory and is the site of Australia’s first international airport. It was used as a vital airbase during WWII and played a big part in the movement of troops, supplies and mail. You can read about its interesting history inside the complex.


The Daly Waters Pub is the epitome of Aussie bush hospitality. Make sure you stay for a drink and hear the bar staff tell a few stories. Enjoy the pub’s signature Beef ‘n’ Barra BBQ cook-up held each night (April – October). Plus, there’s free entertainment each evening if you would like to kick on a bit longer


Unless you’re looking to venture beyond Daly Waters, you can easily get around on foot. The airport is just on the edge of town. Email or call the Daly Waters Pub for airport collection.


The main attraction is the famous Daly Waters Pub. You’ll find the walls and ceiling decorated with strange memorabilia including hats, shoes and bras left behind by visitors. This is just where the weirdness begins. Keep following your nose and you’ll spot a derelict helicopter strapped to a tin roof, Australia’s most remote traffic light and plenty of other unusual paraphernalia around town. There’s a surprise around every corner and exploring is half the fun.


Daly Waters is a popular stopover for those travelling along the Stuart Highway, so it’s best to book ahead. Take your pick of camping, a budget pub room or an air-conditioned cabin.

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