Clifton Fly-In Guidance

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Last March, Clifton Airfield (YCFN) hosted its annual fly-in. Unfortunately, many GA and RAAus pilots did not satisfactorily pre-brief Amberley Restricted Area NOTAMs.

AMB's airspace that day, was in the BIG AMB configuration, ie. the CTR and all of R625 was active.

In less than 3 hours, 13 Airspace Incursions occurred!

In an attempt to prevent these incidents from reoccurring, AMB ATC Have develpoed a guide for this year's Clifton Fly-In which will take place during the weekend of Sunday 13 March 2016.

If you are planning to fly into Clifton this year, please utilise this guide, which includes:

  • Airspace diagrams
  • Flight planning advice
  • AMB NOTAMs advice
  • Airborne advice
  • Track guidance and suggestions
  • Airspace considerations
  • Return flight planning advice
  • CTAF/Weather/Hazards advice

Please share this information far and wide to anyone you think may be travelling to Clifton this weekend so that we may achieve a safe fun day for all.

RAAF Amberley Airspace - Clifton Fly-In Guidance

BIG AMB Operations Recommencing Monday 7 March 2016

With effect Monday 7 March 2016, Amberley will recommence operating in the Big AMB Airspace configuration, Monday-Friday, approx 0900K - 1700K.

The Military traffic will be busy and complex. We ask all pilots to remain patient whilst AMB ATC controllers deliver safe operations to all airspace users.

Pilots are strongly encouraged to pay particular attention during their flight planning to ensure they understand which portions of AMB Restricted Areas are active, what the base of each level is and at what times.

Attached is a mini guide on How to find Amberley Airspace NOTAMs

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