Bader Aero Launch Australia's First Commercially-Built Electric Aircraft

Last edited: 11 April 2023, 12:06pm

Words Tom Lyons | Images Bader Aero

Adeliade-based aircraft manufacturer, Bader Aero, have officially launched Australia's first ever commercially-produced electric aircraft, the E22 Spark.

Unveiling the aircraft at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in late March, the E22 Spark grabbed the attention of the 20,000+ eventgoers visiting the E-Motion Area. 

A two-seater, high wing aircraft, the E22 Spark is capable of crusing between 110-130 knots and has a range of around 200 kilometres.

Powered by a 100+ kilowatt motor, the aircraft is designed to be modular, ensuring key components like batteries can quickly and easily be changed out.

Bader Aero's Chief Commercial Officer, Barrie Rogers, believes the E22 Spark will be a "game changer" for flight training, giving schools an affordable and environmentally friendly way to conduct flight training, especially in circuit.

"If just one per cent of the flight training fleet were powered by electricity, in a single year, we could offset 58,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to the emissions produced from powering 11,285 homes a year."

As a direct result of their exhibit at the event, Bader Aero has commenced negotiations with industry and Government leaders, who share their commitment to manufacture a product in South Australia that will have an economic and environmental impact.

It's an exciting step into the world of electric aviation in the Australian market. We here at SportPilot can't wait to see Bader Aero's next moves! 

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