A tour of our new website

Last edited: 21 October 2015, 4:00pm

At first you will notice that there are a number of additions and significant changes to our home page, once you get the hang of it, our new site will be much more intuitive and information rich than ever before.

Upon reaching the homepage, the address hasn't changed, you'll find us at www.raa.asn.au, you will be looking at the “Public” aspect of the site.

Everything available on this site is accessible by the public and our members without needing to log in. It includes information about our organisation, how to contact us, how to join and where you can locate schools and clubs in your area. Soon, you will be able to search schools by their distance to your postcode too!
There are also some quick links in the lower half of the page which provide easy access to key areas of the website. Clicking on any of these will redirect you to the relevant page or document.


In the top right hand side of the site, there is a “Login” button which will redirect you to a new site, our Members’ Intranet, you'll get to know it as your member portal or member dashboard.

This website is only accessible to our members, we’ve put lots of information on this site so take some time to have a look around. The Members’ Intranet is the online hub where you can lodge applications, renew your membership and aircraft registration and review your personal contact information. On the home page, you will be able to see the status of you membership or aircraft registration and any pending applications at a glance.

Reporting an occurence

As part of our modernisation project, we have implemented an Occurence Management System which is fed by the information provided to us by occurence reports.

To report an occurence, clock on the link on our home page to be redirected to an online fillable form.

There are also links to the occurence reporting form via the Member's Intranet under the maroon safety tab at the top of the page. Read on for more details about the OMS.


In recent years RAAus has been aware of the complexity and lengthy paperwork needed to report an occurrence such as an accident, incident, defect, hazards or confidential complaint. Under the TSI Act there is a legal requirement for a member to ensure that an aviation accident or incident is reported to the Australian Transport Safety Authority (ATSB). Additionally members also have a requirement as part of the Operations Manual (Section 4.08) to report the incident to RAAus. While the majority of the information is replicated on both forms it has taken a long time to align the two reporting systems.

As part of our modernisation project we have developed an online reporting system which has enabled the alignment of this reporting. The Occurrence Management System enables our members to report on accidents, incidents, defects, hazards and confidential complaints. The biggest benefit is that RAAus is now able to easily and efficiently forward the accident information to the ATSB on behalf of you, the member, and fulfil your reporting requirements under both the TSA Act and the RAAus Operations Manual.

The Occurrence Management System will provide an easy way to report which also aligns with our focus on encouraging an open and fair reporting culture.

Simply select the type of occurrence you wish to lodge and proceed to fill in the form. If you are logged into your members’ portal you'll be able to auto fill the form by simply entering your member number.

If you are not logged in you will need to manually fill the form.

Additionally any aircraft attached to your member profile will appear, simply select the relevant aircraft or add in details about a different aircraft.

RAAus can also submit the occurrence to the ATSB for you if you wish. Remember to tick the box on the home page before commencing the process to fill the form in. The ATSB form will be emailed to RAAus and we will submit it to the ATSB for you. If you'd like a copy, we can supply it back to you.

Any occurrence you log will also appear in your members’ portal and we will update its status for you as the occurrence progresses through our review process.

RAAus is very excited about our new digital experience. Keep checking your email and our website in the coming weeks as we progress the rollout of our suite of new products.

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