A Birthday Present With a Difference

Last edited: 29 July 2022, 1:07pm

The ninth of April was a special day for Christian Moran.

It was his 15th birthday, but more than this, he had been waiting for this day to arrive as it was the day that he planned to fly solo for the first time.

Christian had been learning to fly since he could reach the controls of the trusty Jabiru. That was at the age of 12. Since that time, he had gone through the pilot training program as far as possible without going solo and had demonstrated how competent he was. Not wanting to see Christian get bored with just doing circuits and the usual training for pilot cert, he commenced his cross country navigation endorsement. By this time, Christian has now completed almost all his navigation flights except of course his solo Navs. Christian has accumulated about 60 hours of flying time and wants to be a commercial pilot.

Clement’s Flying School at South Grafton is proud to be part of training their young people and the next generation of pilots.

Congratulations to Christian on his first solo, a huge kudos from everyone here at SportPilot!

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