2022 General Aviation Survey for RAAus Aircraft Owners

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In 2021 RAAus partnered with the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE) to include RAAus aircraft within the 2021 General Aviation Survey in order to improve the quality of data available for RAAus operations within Australia. BITRE will shortly be commencing the 2022 General Aviation Survey and will be contacting RAAus aircraft owners for hour and landings data. This survey is conducted annually and prior to 2021 was issued only to operators of CASA registered aircraft. The data collected from this survey will standardise and improve the quality of the data available for recreational sports flying in Australia. 

RAAus currently collects flight hour data at time of membership or aircraft registration renewal, however due to the submission of incomplete or inaccurate data, RAAus is unable to collect accurate data for statistical analysis and review. Inclusion in the General Aviation Survey will offer improved quality data for use by industry in determining the size, activity and safety of the RAAus sector. As always, RAAus values the importance of protecting member data, and as such, can confirm that member data supplied for the purpose of contacting aircraft owners is strictly restricted to staff directly involved in the running of the General Aviation Survey. This information and individual responses generated from the General Aviation Survey is unable to be shared with any other government department under the authority of Air Navigation Regulation 2016 Part 2. This instrument is made under the Air Navigation Act 1920. This legislation prevents any other government departments or authorities from accessing each individuals information. Only confidentialised aggregated data will be provided to other government departments or authorities including to RAAus.


RAAus already asks for hours flown at time of renewal, why do aircraft owners need to conduct an additional survey?
Unfortunately many owners fail to update their hours flown at the time or renewal or add incomplete or inaccurate hours. This results in RAAus collecting unreliable data. Inclusion within the BITRE General Aviation Survey will provide updated and accurate hour information for RAAus aircraft owners.

Will this survey be issued to all recreational pilot certificate (RPC) holders?
No, this survey will only be provided to RAAus aircraft owners. 

Is my personal data safe?
RAAus is committed to protecting member information and can assure members that their information will not be distributed to any additional third-party or government department through the conduct of the General Aviation Survey.  RAAus has supplied details of aircraft owners to the staff involved in the conduct of the General Aviation Survey for the purposes of contacting owners. This information is strictly restricted to staff directly involved in the running of the survey and cannot be provided to any other government department. After the survey is conducted, only confidentialised aggregated data will be provided to other government departments or authorities, including to RAAus. Individual survey responses will not be supplied to any other party. This means that even RAAus is unable to see how many hours were flown within your aircraft, however, RAAus will receive aggregated data such as total hours flown by all RAAus aircraft, total number of hours flown for flight training, etc.

When will the survey be conducted?
The 2022 General Aviation Survey will commence in March 2022.

How will the survey be conducted?
BITRE will supply the survey to members via email for those who permit email contact. For those who do not allow email contact, the survey will be supplied via mail or contact will be made via phone to complete the survey. The survey may be completed online, via mail in paper form or via phone. 

What will happen if I do not complete the survey?
If responses are not received then BITRE will continue to follow-up with members who have failed to respond.

Click here to see a copy of the Australian Aircraft Activity Report 2020 to see how this information will be presented.

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