Australian International Airshow Information from CASA

CASA EX23/23 — Operations by Sport and Recreational Aircraft in Restricted Area R979A (Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition) Exemption 2023

AVALON 2023 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition
has begun. This exciting event provides a unique opportunity for RAAus pilots to operate RAAus aircraft into the event for aircraft static display purposes, however strict requirements apply.

  • Hold a current CASA licence, which includes a CASA aeroplane flight review (AFR), Class 2 Basic medical certificate and controlled airspace endorsement (if appropriate), in addition to current RAAus membership and aircraft registration; OR
  • Hold current RAAus membership and aircraft registration and attend a briefing with a RAAus or CASA CFI to confirm their understanding of the procedures and requirements. The briefing must be based on the AIP SUPPLEMENT H07/23 information. The RAAus pilots must receive a logbook entry endorsed by the CFI confirming they understand their obligations, the entry and exit procedures and radio calls required to operate into Avalon. This entry must be able to be provided to CASA if asked.

Otherwise, RAAus pilots and aircraft can fly into Lethbridge airport and tie down, with a bus to the Avalon event, as Avalon East is non-operational for this event.