Member Benefits

As a member of RAAus you enjoy four crucial benefits that set RAAus aside from the general aviation sector.

First and foremost: as an RAAus member you do not need to deal directly with CASA. RAAus does the work for you. We oversee your training, aircraft maintenance, medical standards and any occurrences you may be involved in.

We are also in constant contact with CASA and working to protect your privileges and ensure RAAus members enjoy a simple, yet safe rule set.

Secondly is our medical regime. RAAus has a safe, yet simple self declaration medical system in place. As a pilot you simply need to self-declare with us that you are fit to fly. There are some restrictions, so you should check with your CFI or RAAus to find out what these are, but in essence a healthy person between the age of 15 and 75 can fly without complex and costly medical check-ups.

Thirdly is our maintenance regime for owner operated aircraft. By undertaking some simple training with RAAus you can enjoy the freedom of maintaining your own aircraft.

Lastly is our comprehensive third party property damage and passenger insurance coverage. As a member of RAAus, you are automatically covered by a $20M public liability policy and a $250,000 passenger policy.

None of the above member benefits exist in the general aviation sector.

Registering a VH aircraft, maintaining an RPL or PPL carries with it higher medical standards and increased maintenance, both of which come at a cost.

Join RAAus today and enjoy these and other benefits:

  • The freedom to fly, once you’ve gained your pilot certificate.  Whether you want to fly for fun or see aviation as a career, RAAus is the best place to start

  • Involvement in a vibrant and ambitious network of likeminded people

  • Access to member only programs and unique scholarship opportunities

  • Free subscription to SportPilot magazine, three issues annually

  • Your own dedicated member portal where you can access member-only resources and digital magazines

  • Regular member e-newsletters

  • Free and discounted training courses via GoFly Online

  • Freedom outside the regulator

  • Access to a variety of insurance policies and coverage which includes your passenger

  • A vibrant and active social media network

  • Access to our Knowledge Base, an online library of resources and useful factsheets

  • Representation and advocacy to further aviation

  • Connect with Recreational Aviation Australia members and aviators to enjoy camaraderie with like-minded aviation enthusiasts from all over the world

  • Enjoy many participation opportunities. No matter where you are, there are ways for you to fuel your aviation interest

  • Access to flying schools across Australia

  • A great team of staff to assist and support you on your flying journey


Heritage Fund

The RAAus board turned its thoughts to ways of protecting our wonderful past. The Heritage Fund is a tool by which members can contribute to assist in protecting our heritage.

Projects such as restoring heritage aircraft, curating museums dedicated to light aircraft and the Australian ultralight movement and other heritage-based projects will be able to be supported by funds from this project.

To donate to the RAAus Heritage Fund:

  • Phone our office on 02 6280 4700 to make your donation.

Members of RAAus can also make donations to both the Heritage Fund and GYFTS Scholarship at time of membership renewal.