Welcome to Recreational Aviation Australia

Formerly known as the Australian Ultralight Federation, Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated (RA-Aus.) is the peak body in Australia responsible for administering ultralight, recreational and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) operations. We train and certify pilots, flying instructors and maintainers, register a fleet of almost 3,500 aircraft, and oversee the operations of 174 Flying Training Facilities throughout the country.

Our Association is also responsible for the development and promotion of flying safety standards, and for advocating on behalf of our 10,000 members. We are one of nine RAAOs (Recreational Aviation Administration Organisations) authorised to self-administer sport and recreational flying activities on behalf of the Commonwealth Government’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Since the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 were never intended to regulate this class of aircraft or activities, RAAOs are permitted to operate via exemptions and delegations. Collectively, RAAOs account for almost half of all the aircraft operating in Australia

Recreational Aviation Australia Inc continues to experience sustained growth, and has been successful in securing enhanced operating privilages for its members. Our not-for-profit association is governed by an elected Board of volunteer Directors, supported by a small full-time management team who are committed to helping you realise your dream of safe, affordable flying.